Dr PuenteThis website is a comprehensive electronic resource of the life and work of Roger W. Sperry, Ph.D. created and maintained by Antonio E. Puente, Ph.D. and his students. Puente has dedicated nearly thirty years to archiving Dr. Sperry’s history and research. Dr. Puente has been able to obtain access to Dr. Sperry’s research equipment and original files and has remained in contact with many of Dr. Sperry’s colleagues and wife, Norma Dupree Sperry.

Dr. Puente is a clinical neuropsychologist and professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He is also the 2017 American Psychological Association president.

The information contained in this website is based on the collaborative work of many students and colleagues over many years of work. This is a living webpage and if you have any alternative information regarding what is presented on this website please feel free to contact us at

Spring 2016 Roger Sperry Seminar

psy 495

This is a photograph of Antonio E. Puente’s 2016 Roger Sperry Seminar, one of several. This interactive course has given the students the opportunity to have access to some of Sperry’s original work. The class has worked hard so that more people are able to retrieve information regarding Sperry’s lifetime work.