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A Science Odyssey:  People and Discoveries (


Roger W. Sperry (


Biographical Memoirs: Roger Wolcott Sperry (National Academy of Sciences)


Roger Wolcott Sperry (California Institute of Technology)


Sperry, Roger Wolcott (Encyclopedia Britannica)


Roger Wolcott Sperry (The Columbia Encyclopedia)


Roger Wolcott Sperry (


Roger Wolcott Sperry (Absolute Astronomy)


Roger Sperry (


Dr. Roger Sperry (Muratopia Institute)


Nobel Prize


Medicine 1981 (

Alumni Award Winners (Oberlin Collage Online)

Split-Brain Research


Brain Differences (Creativity and the Right Side of the Brain)

Hemispheres (CWL Publishing Enterprises)

Roger Wolcott Sperry Profile (Brain Connection)

New Mindset on Consciousness (Publication by Roger Sperry)

Left Brain: Right Brain (Viewzone Magazine)



Understanding Brain Specialization Through Split-Brain Research (Xavier University)

The Unconscious (University of Toronto at Mississauga)

Consciousness and Modern Science (Theosophy Northwest)

Personal review of Sperry’s publication “Science and Moral Priority” (Essay)

Photos and Archives

Roger Sperry Photo Index (The Caltech Institute Archives)


Summary of Items Sent to Oberlin, Archives of the History of American Psychology (Akron), Summary of Items Sent to Smithsonian (National Museum of American History), and the Nobel Museum.

2009 Lists of Items Sent to Various Archives.pdf



The International Council of Human Duties